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SCUBA Diving Training: SCUBA Certification

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) has increasing deaf members, creating an exciting challenge for newer deaf SCUBA students at a higher level in SCUBA diving. Getting a certification has become easier with Deaf and Signer Instructors, simply because some hearing professionals question their ability or have a difficult time communicating during lessons. You will not experience that with us, Aqua Hands.
It doesn't have to be that way. Being deaf is no reason not to take SCUBA diving training and get a professional education. The diving Instructors at Aqua Hands are American Sign Language (ASL) Signers as well as certified PADI professionals. They can train you for everything from Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Enriched Air Diving, Underwater Navigating, and Night Diving—to CPR and First Aid courses. You'll have the SCUBA diving training you need to get SCUBA certification.
There’s no need for things to be as difficult as they are, so we are proud to give deaf and hard-of-hearing divers the opportunity to advance in this special profession. The more deaf Instructors join PADI, the more deaf divers will get to appreciate the underwater world.
Get in touch with the specially trained and caring staff at Aqua Hands today to get started.

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