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Aqua Hands: Learn to Scuba Dive

Have you always wanted to learn how to SCUBA dive? Being deaf and hard-of-hearing shouldn't keep you from learning how to use SCUBA diving equipment so that you can experience the adventure of exploring life under the sea. 

After experiencing years of frustration in his diving education, Thomas Koch founded Aqua Hands in 2010. By using SCUBA Instructors and guides who are fluent in American Sign Language, Aqua Hands allows deaf diving students and enthusiasts to more easily accomplish their goals and experience the joy of diving.

Dive trips do use gestures and written notes on slates for underwater communications; however, many deaf and hard of hearing people can miss out on being part of the group due to gaps in communication on land. Aqua Hands wants to close this communication gap in SCUBA diving since deaf divers can not only communicate as well as their hearing counterparts but better. ASL allows you to have full, lively conversations underwater and issue important instructions without delay or miscommunication.                 

Course Director Thomas Koch and his staff at Aqua Hands are ready to provide training for a variety of SCUBA diving classes and certifications so you can find out for yourself just how fun it is. Learn to SCUBA dive and how to pick the right SCUBA diving equipment with our help! Contact us today to get started.

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