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  Aqua Hands SCUBA Diving Provides 100% Access

SCUBA diving off the Gulf of Mexico or in the Caribbean Sea is an adventure like none other. Once you learn SCUBA diving you can go on to get a variety of certifications, including wreck diving, deep diving, underwater navigating, night diving, and more. You can even take CPR and First Aid courses with certified Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Divers Alert Network (DAN). It all depends on how far you want to take their SCUBA diving experience.

Sometimes, being deaf or hard of hearing is an obstacle to finding an instructor who will take you on. You won’t experience that frustration with Aqua Hands. 

From beginners to professionals, we provide accessible SCUBA diving trips, courses, and certifications for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Our SCUBA Instructors and guides are fluent in American Sign Language. Deaf and hearing participants have full access to communication both underwater and above water, making the experience safer and more fun for everyone.                     

Our team of experts can help you find a SCUBA diving shop and the equipment you'll need for SCUBA diving, including diving suits, diving regulators, and fins. The bottom line is that you need to trust the pros you work with, and their equipment, which is why it's good to get a referral to a trustworthy shop.                     

Have an unforgettable SCUBA diving adventure with the help of Aqua Hands. From wreck diving in the breathtaking beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the sensational diving found in the Gulf of Mexico to dive destinations around the United States, the all-diver team of professionals at Aqua Hands strives to provide you with the most enjoyable dive experience possible, regardless of your background. Contact Aqua Hands today to schedule your SCUBA diving adventure.

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