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The Ultimate Scuba Vacation Packing List

Part of you wants to celebrate because the scuba trip you’ve been planning for months is next week. The other part of you is dreading the fact that you have to pack all your scuba gear. You might be thinking, “what if I forget something?”.


Dive Computer

Dive computers are compact, and many also double as a watch. Owning your own computer also improves safety.


Your PADI card

If you’re worried about forgetting your PADI certification card, order a backup from us or order online. Choose a plastic card, or a PADI eCard™ that lives on your mobile device. This is especially important if you plan to dive enriched air, or show proof of advanced/technical dive training.

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 Gear Bags

First off, a regular suitcase won’t necessarily be any lighter than a dive bag. Also, if your gear is the least bit wet, the salt water can make the inside crusty and will definitely corrode the zippers over time. You’re better off using a dive bag as a suitcase than using a suitcase for dive gear.

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When choosing a BCD for dive travel, look for something that weighs about 3-4 kilos/ 8 lbs.



Regulators made from titanium and carbon fiber can weigh as little as 1 kilo/2lbs.

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Exposure Protection

Some people can dive in nothing but a swimsuit and a rashguard. For the rest of us, it makes sense to own your own wetsuit.


Passport & Airline Ticket


Health & Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene can seem challenging when you’re traveling.

Without a doubt, number one on our list of carry-on essentials is your passport and airline ticket. Without your passport, you won’t get too far; this is your golden ticket to the world. And without airline ticket, you’re pretty much stuck at home nowhere to go.


Clothing & Miscellaneous

Of course, do not forget to bring your clothing, your smartphone, books, sunglasses, charger, swim suit and what you will need for the trip. Remember, Do not overpack! 

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A leaky mask can ruin your dive. Get a mask that fits well and pack it securely. If you’ve just purchased a new mask, be sure to clean it before your trip.



Rental snorkels have been in a stranger’s mouth. Enough said.



The wrong fins can cause trip-ruining blisters on your feet, so why take the chance? Fins can also be used as a “shield” when packing to protect more delicate dive gear.

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