Once we found out that Thomas was going to be an instructor, we immediately signed up for a PADI Rescue course with him. Thomas was absolutely fantastic as an instructor! Thomas took his time to point out all of the pertinent details during our course and was patient with our questions and struggles while diving. Thomas was able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and made our course very fun and pleasing to take.  


If you're looking for an instructor that is bland and monotonous, you'd be disappointed. Thomas' style of instruction is fun, pleasing, and kept us on our heels of unexpected scenarios while we were taking our PADI Rescue course. We've really enjoyed our time with Thomas so much that we decided to take more courses under him to become PADI Master Divers. 


-Matthew Molter & Jacquelyn Wilson, Aqua Hands very first students



Testimonial: Jenny Locy Diving Adventure


Jenny shares her experiences from the recent scuba trips with Aqua Hands.  Check it out and watch the story an Aquatic Adventure that Jenny had with us!


-Jenny Locy


Testimonial: Brett Fasold - "Thank you for great dives!"

I've been diving with Thomas Koch and his company, Aqua Hands, since 2010. After approximately 50 dives together as he guided me from my first Open Water certification under PADI to my current certification of Master Scuba Diver, I can say beyond any doubt that Thomas is an amazing instructor. He makes the whole experience exciting and fun for everyone, but puts such a strong emphasis on safety and ensuring that when you complete his training, you are a safe and competent diver. I believe that is one of the most important things that any diver can practice, being a safe diver, and Thomas is one of the best instructors out there as he shares the same approach and passion towards scuba diving and safety.


-Brett Fasold


Testimonial: Jennifer & Lyle Vold - "Tom was already by my side..."


I got certified to be able to join friends on their scuba trips at a destination wedding- it was not something I had always dreamed of doing. I had some concerns but was up for the adventure. Let me tell you- Tom was such a good teacher that I ended up doing a few extra dives to get my Advanced Open Water certification and added on a Nitrox certification too!


He is very knowledgeable and has an approach to teaching that encourages us to think clearly, analyze our situations, and above all how to be safe-- all so that we can be confident divers when we are ready to go out on our own.


On one dive, I started to ascend too fast and my ears started to hurt. I knew to go back down, slowly, until my ears felt better, but unfortunately went too far down too fast. The pain increased and just when I started to have a hint of panic, Tom was already by my side, bringing me to the right depth, telling me what to do. He was able to communicate clearly and calmly since we both use ASL. I don't know what I would have if I had a hearing instructor who didn't know how to sign. I watched other divers on our trips, trying to gesture to communicate under water and felt bad for them- with Tom, he could tell us about the fish and plants, gave us detailed instructions and tips on how to improve our skills.


Overall, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to be able to communicate clearly, effectively, and above all, calmly when under water- for instruction, information, and for our safety.


I can't recommend Tom and AquaHands highly enough- like another customer said, GO for it!


-Jennifer Vold - coda

Washington, DC

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