Get your own Hands On Aquatic Adventure

You cannot find a trip you want with Aqua Hands? Let us help you! 


Customized diving in Florida Keys, Caribbean Sea, Mexico or somewhere esle has been fun and exciting for many years and still are. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving gives you the chance to experience the reef in the world or wrecks!  We will find the one of the world best places to dive you dream of!


Whether you are a snorkel diver, certified scuba diver, beginner scuba diver, PADI discover scuba diving student looking for best diving or if you are looking for PADI diving lessons, check out dives or private scuba instruction beyond the entry level, you will find a different service. Where you will enjoy with a small group and personalized, relaxed, friendly and safe diving experience.


Once you experience our dive service and fun diving with us, you will forget about diving cattle boats ever again, because we have very small groups.


Just contact us!

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