Aqua Hands was established in 2010 after Thomas Koch, the founder, noticed a huge communication gap in scuba diving trips for people, who are fluent in American Sign Language. Even though the dive trips generally utilize underwater communications through gestures and written notes using slates, many Deaf and hard of hearing people are often left out in pre-dive instructions and post-dive activities.


On Aqua Hands’ dive trips, Deaf or hearing participants are always given full access to communication both underwater and above water.


Aqua Hands take divers on trips to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to discover unseen world under the sea. People also can learn to dive and become certified by taking classes with certified Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Course Director Thomas Koch and Aqua Hands Staffs who are Deaf and fluent in American Sign Language. Aqua Hands provide training for a variety of certifications, including wreck diving, deep diving, enriched air diving, underwater navigating, and night diving plus CPR/First Aid courses.


Aqua Hands use PADI and Divers Alert Network DAN educational resources to teach and work with participants. Aqua Hands also promote and support the Project Aware to save the ocean and land environment.


All Courses are taught in American Sign Language                                                                            Meet the Team


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